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Scott and Sandy, Founders & Managing Partners

Scott & Sandy

Founders & Managing Partners

Of course the story of Hoptown is built around love!

Scott’s beer-making journey began with the gift of a home-brew kit from Sandy while they were dating.

But Scott quickly moved beyond kits to “all-grain brewing” in a dedicated brewhouse on their home property. Things really took off in 2018 though, when Sandy began serving what was then known as “Hootenanny”  beer, at her yoga studio. 

In no time at all, Hootenanny was showing up on tap at several bottle shops and taprooms around town. While the beer was growing in popularity, Scott was also donating Hootenanny beer to local charity events leading to an estimated $40K raised for non-profits. 

With public support for expansion, Hootenanny got a brand-lift and was updated to a more approachable and community-oriented name, a clear vision, and a group of supportive investors: Hoptown was born.

Turner Head Brewer


Head Brewer

Turner began his brewing career as an assistant brewer at Moon Dog Craft Brewery in Melbourne, Australia, where he cut his teeth and got the bug. He relocated back to the United States to become a brewer at Oskar Blues Brewing Company in Brevard, NC. But home was calling, and Turner returned to his Charlotte roots, becoming the lead brewer at Triple C Brewing Company. 

At both Oskar Blues and Triple C, Turner spent time developing and implementing sensory programs designed to head-off inconsistencies in taste and quality before production. This kind of dedication to consistency and quality will delight Hoptown fans, who will always drink beers that are of the highest quality in taste, clarity, and standards.

Turner completed the Concise Course in Brewing Technology, from Siebel Institute of Technology, bringing his leadership, fresh creativity, and style to Hoptown.